Harley’s new perforated cushion backing (Air Ride) Patent Pending

We are perforating the cushion material. The size and pattern of the holes affect the density of the cushion material such that the larger the holes and their pattern the softer (more compressible) the cushion material. We are able to adjust the density, softness and resiliency of the perforated cushion backing. Larger holes (Softer material) may be used to print fine type or process plates. Smaller holes (Harder material) may be used to print plates with solid coverage. Thus, with use of a perforated cushion backing, we are able to use a higher density cushion which is stronger and will be easier to remove from the printing cylinder, thus enabling better print at press and last longer making increased impressions. Also, the perforated cushion backing will eliminate trapped air between the print cylinder and the backing.

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